The beginning...

The love of kites started very early with us. In the 70s family Lienau organised workshops for children and adolescents. However, even with traditional materials : wood moldings and parchment paper. Wolkenstuermer was founded in 1981 by Jürgen Lienau. Wolkenstuermer was the first kite shop in Hamburg Germany.

Our products

Inspired by the American market, we began early to build with new high-tech materials such as spinnaker nylon, glass and carbon fiber powerful kites. In the 80s Wolkenstürmer co-developed and manufactured the first wandless steering mat.

Very successful is pur Paraflex series, which is not routinely used in the kite sports . To date, we are looking for new ideas for kites, wind chimes , etc. and still are most like themselves in the meadow. Only there we learn what makes your eyes sparkle.

The silver lining

Since 1998 we have provided our products with a silver stripe , that we may be distinguished from other kites. Wolkenstuermer are proud of every kite that leaves our factory. Because in every single product puts the expertise and experience that we associate with the Wolkenstuermer name.


Wolkenstürmer Hamburg