Kite bars, straps, grips, handles and coils 

Kites can be flown differently. With kite bar, straps, powergrips, coils or handles. It depends on the kite, wind and yourself. And how precise you would like to fly.




2-line kites 

2 –lines kites only have a limited depower. That´s why you have to fly with:


Practical and comfortable for directing flying with 2-lines kites. Especially suitable for beginners.


Coils often used by beginners. They are suitable for flying two liners . Often they are used for winding kite lines.

Padded and simple straps:

Simple straps are suitable for each 2-lines kite. Simply grab the hands through the loops and include the ends. For those who prefer a little bit softer, you can also use the padded flying straps. Suitable for kite with a tensile force of up to 100 kp.

Power grips :

2-lines handles for a secure grip during kite flying . Ideal for power kites. For perfect fit and comfort. For example, suitable for Paraflex Basic and Paraflex Sport.


4-line kites

kitebar for trainer kites:

The power kite works with a kitebar for trainer kites like a three liner . The controlbar is easy to handle. Security system is pre-assembled.

Depowerbar :

The pull of the kite can be varied by pulling and pushing the Depowerbar from the body.  Especially suitable for snowboarders and skiers.

Quadbar for quad line kite:

The control of the main lines and brake lines is optimally combined with using a Wolkenstürmer´s Quadbar. Also suitable for kitebuggy.

4-line handles (small):

Small long handles for precise flying  with four line kites . Suitable example for Tarantula by Spiderkites.

4-line handles by Wolkenstürmer:

Stable and non-slip handles. They are particularly suitable for Actionkites , for example parafoil Striker.

Quad handles:

Stable and non-slip handles.

Wolkenstürmer Hamburg